3G Camera for home security

3G Camera for home security

security 3g camera
security 3g camera

The most commonly used 3G module camera unit for covert applications with extended camera lens on a flexible cable (10 cm ?100 cm) with different camera head bracket to suit different applications. These units also come with a backup battery and extended microphone. They also come in shrink wrap format within a hard plastic that would make them compact to fit into smallest enclosures possible. All their settings are also done via remote secured SMS commands from another mobile phone.

How it works:

Compatible with any 3G SIM card across all 3G networks, it is easy to set up and use, simply insert your SIM card and battery, and you’re up and running. Make a video call from any 3G phone to the camera to watch and hear live video and audio.

Any type of sensor can be fitted to work wirelessly, providing video calls to a pre registered phone number when triggered.

Including the opportunity to add and delete authorised numbers, the system’s flexibility invites a range of remote commands, functions and settings.

The camera will continue working for up to 200 hours using a backup battery when disconnected from the mains power.


Internal & external Industry, Office, Home, Child care, Elderly care, Vehicles, Banks, Shops, Fly tips etc.


  • 1.3MPixel extended camera/Mic (STD 10cm length)
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Based on Nokia handsets
  • Can be activated with Paired Wireless Bluetooth sensors
  • 100m (open air) connectivity distance with the sensors
  • Accessed by live video/audio calls
  • Power adaptor to connect to mains power
  • Auto Start upon external power supply connection

Pack contents:

  • Camera unit
  • Mains power lead
  • Lithium 1000mA/h backup battery
  • Camera lead (10cm as standard, can extend up to 1m on request*)
  • Microphone with lead (10cm as standard, can extend up to 1m on request*).

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