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at the end, and also to write “personal summary” time. A year later, what progress you have family financial management and harvest it, which, 嘉丰瑞 German financial planner to help you summarize some aspects of family financial management concepts and practices for the next year to be a reference for you:


1, do not always say no money to finance


A lot of people complain that they have no money finance. In fact, not the case. For example, there are two young guys, all graduate work a few years, Zhang monthly income of 8,000 yuan. Spent 2000 yuan monthly rent, living expenditure, KTV entertainment consumer electronic products to buy consumer goods, travel, meals, spent 5500 yuan, only 500 yuan per month balance results. Mike same monthly income of 8000 yuan, 1500 yuan to spend the rent and living expenses of 2,000 yuan, 200 yuan textbook costs, the result is 3300 yuan monthly balances. The same income, Mike through more economical, cost-effective manner to achieve the cost savings, so that there is more money each month remaining, it can be used to make the investment and financial management.


So, do not always say no money Money, money make the wealth of value-added, would be to want to come out, as long as appropriate to do to cut costs, there is still spare capacity to make investments. .html


2, knowledge is wealth


It was usually playful, but usually someone will seize the opportunity to continue to learn. Seize the opportunity to learn usually get more opportunities for promotion, more pay. Therefore, increasing your knowledge is also increasing wealth of the family finances.


3, appropriate to borrow money to invest


also borrowed money from “scratch” One way of managing money. However, Jia Fengrui German financial planner suggested, first you have to invest is relatively stable, secure earn money. Take too much risk, failure is not worth the investment. You can get some stable investment returns, the accumulation of “principal”, “pot of gold”, and better rolling investment in the future. Currently on the market there are sound investment trusts and fixed income financial management. Annual income of the trust investments of around 7% -12%, but a higher threshold, typically 500 000 -100 million in funding. While fixed income investments are less demanding, such as wealth Sheng Yi Yi Sheng Bao, 100,000 yuan from the vote, 10% annual rate of return of products, namely 100,000 yuan investment, the expiration of principal and interest income is 110,000 a year,国际货运到菲律宾, relative to said threshold is not so high, face a wider audience. Ask a friend to borrow money to invest in low-interest can refer. .html


4, do not blindly pursue high-yield


high-yield and high-risk co-exist. Do not blindly pursue short-term investment, but also a high income. In general, the annual income of more than 20% of the projects are mostly larger risks. In addition, the end of the year, will be relatively more variety, such as tasting, etc., do not understand the investment, high professional level of investment, investors are cautious involved, such as works of art, wine investment, collection of investment category and so on.


The above is a summary of some family financial planner financial management concepts and practices, and for investors who are prepared to invest for reference. .html

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