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Many users want to know how to save money shopping online, scouring powder rebate network to introduce it. Online shopping to save money in several ways: through the buy nets shopping; shopping at the business promotion; after rebate major shopping channels. In several ways, scouring powder, right after rebate rebate network channels that shopping is the best choice. Since this method can save money for a long time, and includes most of the online store and products, and buy and promotional touched to the mall and include products are less contrast, scouring powder, so the idea of ​​it is we have to pick through rebates channel shopping. Here, let’s first talk about why the rebate sites to save money? In recent years, the rise of the electricity supplier stocks moving from the implementation of a new form of -cps form, also known as paid in the form of action, and its essence is that you bring to the electricity supplier to the number of turnover, the electricity supplier to press must share turnover to you pay.

The current contrast famous Taobao Alliance, one hundred million from the hair and so on. Above cps source for all the money in the form of rebates network. So you can understand why the rebate sites to save money. Everything market rebate website, for example, they go through a third party Taobao Alliance,Iphone LCD, one hundred million from the hair, etc. and electricity providers to establish a form of collaboration cps, they brought to the electricity supplier’s turnover for example 10000, electricity providers to pay, for example, 10% also that is, the cost of 1000 to implement the rebate website, and rebate website retake must share the money, such as 800, returned to the corresponding user. This is all that can save money rebate site reason, of course, in the process they also have the money. Then move the electricity supplier benign shares – rebate network – consumers, win situation.

About questioned on this adjustment, the number of respondents who tacit support of the industry sentiment. Some previous lengthy account of rebate website, disguised withdrawal threshold, Zeng users are quite critical. And in recent months, the country is more and more cases of fraud arrangements burst guise of “rebate” in the name of illegal pyramid schemes disguised pursue the case, resulting in many people being cheated. Taobao indicates, this mushroom Street, beautiful shopping guide website says so on will not be affected. “Norms rebate website is to help users to save money, but merely sets the MLM websites rebate vest, pull down home make money, this is a substantial difference between the two.” Insiders told reporters that these sites do not have to happen and even the sale of real funds can be carried back now, there are thousands and even tens of thousands of reach. Scouring powder, scouring powder, right, right, right scouring powder

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