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G3 TWICE: May 18, the largest rebate shopping guide website ( released really shopping community – it beat, causing the industry’s focus, after it took a net purchase a home in the purchase of goods, it is the self-timer on commodity share, share in the share of those who can get Taobao now integral arrived together – set points treasure rewards, while users in Taobao shopping hours are very understanding can see the real goods shot effect, to avoid being too delicate drawings disposal businesses or community class shopping guide website misled, it took the launch will greatly improve the user on-line description of the goods and does not comply with the onset of the business of plastic Ge doubt, once again pushing users about online shopping recognition and trust!

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It declared the launch itself is shot with the legendary, set in June 2011, just less than two years to establish an hour to catch up with rebate network has been successfully set up and a number of longer become rebate rebate shopping guide website work The leading website made clear work wonders! July 2012 launch of the mobile client, the hour is less than one year launched millions of users exceeded 100,000 users daily vivid!

http: // ctstechnologys .com / 8-bands-portable-gsm-2g-3g-4g-gps-l1-wifi-2-4ghz-jammer.html

How to do this strikingly effect, the CEO Liu marked: “allow users to use the more soundly, to achieve the ultimate understanding, expand natural on the fast”

The primary, a user before it is completely not used to enter the site from the first end shopping as fast as 15 seconds! To purchase merchandise rebate check directly login Taobao account → → go to Taobao shopping! And the confession after receipt,国际货运到印度, also pioneering the industry to create a direct rebate to pay treasure, eliminating the need for conventional rebate website users often need to apply for withdrawal of the login process, you can receive a direct rebate money!

Second, the mobile client, users can subscribe to a self-interest offers, such as daily specials, aggregation operators, to ensure timely since one wants to find discount merchandise, but also with the mobile client lottery every day, assigned to a bonus ranging from 2, though not much, but after all is zero cost, low pay. Money money anywhere!

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The starting point for the introduction of the shot really still is to let users have a very good shopping comprehend, because the disposal of users to try to see the beauty of the model excited shopping, at the end of a series of complaints raised questions!

celebrities marked a working community: “It is really in line with user-defined pat on the shopping guide, shopping guide will lead the launch of his work in the direction of the trek, alteration shopping guide for selection of outcomes over the disposal of goods pictures mislead consumers harm. ” ■

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