NEW Mini Spy Paparazzi Camera Video + Audio USB 2.0

NEW Mini Spy Paparazzi Camera Video + Audio USB 2.0

  • Compact Design – Measuring just 3.5 inches long and a mere 1 inch wide (The size of a pack of gum) you’ll have no problems swifting it into any venue or situation with ease.
  • QVGA Video Quality – The Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA) camera records full color video with amazing clarity. The 320 X 240 resolution with a lens capture angle of 60 degrees makes sure you capture everything.
  • Audio Quality – The built-in parabolic microphone picks up even the slightest sound. You’ll have no problem knowing understanding the full dialogue of the person(s) being recorded
  • Durable – The iSpyV2 has no moving parts and is completely built as a solid-state device. Now, we’re not saying that you should drop-test the iSpyV2 off an 80ft cliff, but you would have to actually try to damage it.
  • Plug & Play with Mac or PC – You’ll never need to buy or install expensive or complicated software just so you can watch and edit your videos. Use Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime to view and edit your surreptitiously taken videos.

When using a conventional camcorder is out of the question, you can rely on the iSpyV2 to capture everything in high-quality video with pin-drop precision audio. The iSpyV2 is one of the world’s smallest surreptitious DVRs on the market. Extremely small, lightweight and versatile, you can easily sneak this spy cam into places that most other devices wouldn’t be able to go.      No additional hardware or cables needed. The iSpyV2 is equipped with a built in USB port just like a thumb drive.

List Price: $ 119.99

Price: $ 99.99

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