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retirement, a problem faced by every office worker sooner or later. How to shorten the differences in quality of life before and after retirement? How to make it comfortable comfortable old age? Office workers, it quickly developed a pension plan, from now to accumulate pension, establish a solid basis for future life.




Pension pressure very anxious commuters


Readers Ms. Chang: I am 26 years old, to work for two years, working fairly stable, the monthly salary of about 4,000 yuan, there is no garages pressure. But I recently saw a set of data, said 20-year retirement pension to spend more than 300 million. It makes me really, “pear Alexander”! I ask, how can I do now to get my old age to live a comfortable little bit? % D0% B1% D0% BB% D0% BE% D0% BA% D0% B8% D1% 80% D0% B0% D1% 82% D0% BE% D1% 80-% D1% 81% D0% BE% D1% 82% D0% BE% D0% B2% D1% 8B% D1% 85-% D1% 82% D0% B5% D0% BB% D0% B5% D1% 84% D0% BE.html
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clear after retirement living expenses


If Ms. Chang is set to 55 years of retirement, Ms. Chang was 29 years of capital accumulation time.


Therefore, financial experts suggest that Ms. Chang, the current can be based on their economic situation, in considering the case of household income and expenditure, lifestyle and quality of life after retirement conducted themselves properly assessed and reasonable arrangement. Then set a realistic personal retirement plans, expects the plan to retirement should be as detailed as possible,jammer, listing costs roughly based on the entries required in order to estimate the cost of living after retirement individuals. After the retirement of the thought of life after their own have a clear understanding that we are ready to consider how much their pensions, these pensions can meet their own idea of ​​retirement.


accumulate pension method


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social security pension insurance:


The current monthly by enterprises and individuals in accordance with a certain percentage (10% of enterprises pay, personal pay 8%) paid pension insurance, the actual payment period over more than 15 years, until employees retire, they receive a monthly pension. According to the latest method of calculating pensions, retirement pensions of workers consists of two parts: pension = basic pension + personal account pension.


If Ms. Chang current monthly salary and deposit the estimated amount, Ms. Chang paid Social Security retirement 29 years later, around 2600 yuan monthly pension can be obtained (in the current case estimates, future wage increases with every greater than the amount of monthly pension). % B0% D0% BB% D1% 8C% D0% BD% D1% 8B% D0% B9 +% D0% B1% D0% BB% D0% BE% D0% BA% D0% B8% D1% 80% D0% B0 % D1% 82% D0% BE% D1% 80 +% D1% 81% D0% BE% D1% 82% D0% BE% D0% B2% D1% 8B% D1% 85 +% D1% 82% D0% B5 % D0% BB% D0% B5% D1% 84% D0% BE% D0% BD% D0% BE% D0% B2 + GSM + 3G + 4GWi-Fi + GPS +% D0% BF% D0% BE% D0% B4 % D0% B0% D0% B2% D0% B8% D1% 82% D0% B5% D0% BB% D1% 8C.html


buy commercial insurance:


After facing fixed retirement living expenses and health care spending on pensions as soon as possible preparations.


Our pension replacement rate of less than 50% of the international warning line, that after retirement pension is less than half the original salary, consider buying some commercial pension insurance, income after retirement to make up the difference to ensure that the quality of life did not decline.


raised pensions:


raised mainly pension savings investments, so that limited funds to play a greater role, you can choose the appropriate investment vehicles on the market.


to fund investment, for example, first suggested the bank fully configured properly or equity risk, the higher the expected return of the product. Remaining funds may be available to 4:3:3 way guaranteed regular distribution of financial products, partial debt funds and stock funds, you can add another year. Furthermore, the increase is scheduled to vote 500 yuan per month, the proposed 60% investment partial stock fund investment, 40% will vote.




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commercial pension insurance how to choose?


commercial pension insurance is to obtain long-term pension for the primary purpose of life insurance, in the end how to choose only the most commercial pension insurance protection? Please remember the simplicity of the following three tricks.


The trick 1: safe and sound is king


Pension actually contains a lot of aspects, such as parents face the risk of accidents, medical expenses and daily living expenses. Therefore, the choice of commercial pension insurance, the first thing to consider is safe and sound, followed by increasing the value. For the elderly, the most important thing is to maintain daily expenses through regular and stable income, and have some savings can cope with risk.


The trick two: it is necessary to guarantee the full


As parents age and deterioration of bodily functions, the greatest risk facing mainly from disease and injuries. Consequent medical expenses, they are likely to devour their parents pension, the destruction of their pension plan. Therefore, comprehensive protection is an important factor when buying commercial pension insurance to consider. Specifically, we recommend the purchase of commercial pension insurance, additional insurance, or select the appropriate product portfolio, thus avoiding the risks of major diseases and injuries.


The trick 3: Pension inputs to exercise


Although the commercial pension insurance is indispensable a pension plan, but it is also not the better investment. Insurance experts recommend that parents want to insure the actual situation of the family, within our capabilities. If the pension investment is too high, it may affect daily household expenses, and even the inability to renew, which with the “old age pension” contrary to the original intention of the insured.




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pension investment risk combined capacity


financial planner suggested that the pension plan’s investment tool selection, each person will have the ability to withstand a variety of different combinations of asset allocation and risk based on the use of funds. Investors can be reasonably certain percentage in accordance with, and access to certain benefits.


For the character conservative, high security demand of investors, you can choose a low-risk investment instruments; for there is a certain risk tolerance of investors can be a high-risk investment vehicles under the guidance of a professional financial planner configuration to meet the high quality of life expenses.


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