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Most of the community are very few active users occurred content, content users spend most silent quiet while shopping guide website even simpler due to the deposition of the user to contact the user loses face tough questions about the high rate. As a result, the network shopping guide is like to spend a big price to buy the user – the user has lost – to spend money to import flows burn games.

However, if the rebate method to catch users love cheap mind,UNDER VEHICLE SEARCH MIRROR, allowing users a discount due to return again and again and continue shopping, is not it help to enhance stickiness? Wanted to do such a rebate idea network shopping guide. June 2011, scouring powder, it formally launched its founder Liu Recently we shared with them through two years of data: monthly Taobao brought near to 400 million turnover, mobile client users exceed three million. Liu said that the rapid growth of scouring powder on the back of it is due to three different and contrast tests: one first advance rebate mechanism, the second is UGC shopping sharing community “really beat” and the third is the traditional buy now on-line and on-line C2B about to buy back.

Currently, scouring powder it both pages and mobile versions (iOS, Android, WP), which combines data Taobao open channels, according to the selection mechanism is not the same to the user supplies shopping guide service. Speaking of network shopping guide, or Xu Xiuli said mushroom Street and easier to remember people, but it is different from the beauty of scouring powder and mushroom Street said such socialization electricity supplier, but a similar 51 rebate so the rebate website. It is another version of the Home page, and allows the user according to Taobao Mall products address lookup rebate amount for a piece of the product. And in the mobile terminal, eliminating the need for users to find the process of direct selection Category Navigation way rebate supply products to users. -machine-tatl-ry-500.html -machine-tatl-ry-500.html
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