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Recently, there were reports of a woman to earn master’s sale date March 40 000 events, quickly became popular in the network. A time to talk a lot of friends, “Master of the white” and “sell date income so high?” “Master is certainly clever, should have their own set of sales approach it.” ….. In this regard, the German financial planners believe that in order 嘉丰瑞 wealthy, you must first read, you can learn from the success of the book’s wealth of experience of others, and to practice before they can realize their dreams.


Master Zhou beautiful, 30-year-old, older woman left, is an investor 嘉丰瑞 Germany, after graduating from a top 500 enterprises in Shanghai as a legal advisor. Through years of efforts, the company is currently the chief legal adviser, net income of 25,cell phone booster,000 yuan per month, with five insurance payments. 6000 yuan monthly living expenses, in addition to rental fees, meals, transportation fees, as well as communication costs about 2,000 yuan. Zhou on this two years she saved a total of $ 1 million, when asked how she was done, Zhou summed up the following four points: .html


First, work goals, do everything practical.


Red in Shanghai this week’s top 500 enterprises have been more than four years, from the initial intern, to today’s chief legal adviser, just a few individuals has undergone a qualitative leap, income growth, which Everything with her efforts inseparable. According to Jia Fengrui German financial planner learned, first, Zhou hard work, practical work, not looking for any excuse, leadership will try to complete the assigned task, attention to detail; second, her own career, have their own plan , has been striving hard Counsel; third, good at seizing opportunities.


Second, pay attention to financial lives, advocating thrift.


Although Zhou is a new era of young people, and not “in advance to enjoy” the concept of childhood by parents affected, she has been advocating thrift, accounting has become her a lifestyle, spending a month living arrangements The well-organized. In addition to the monthly expenditure of the budget, also plans to conduct monthly fixed investment, reserve a sum of money each month, enjoy 6.8% of revenue, Zhou believes “new finance must start saving money from bitter.” So, after years of accumulation, with a lot of hands Zhou deposits. .html


Third, a strong sense of investment banking, learn money to make money.


In addition to the monthly salary Zhou, also a part-time general counsel, a year there will be an extra income of around 20,000 yuan; in addition, a strong sense of her investment banking, learn money to make money. Just this year, taking advantage of the holiday week Red Bank assessment point, took 100,000 yuan deposit bank guaranteed financial products, the annual rate of return of 5%; and then again at 嘉丰瑞 Zhou German financial planner’s recommendations out 500,000 yuan should be equipped with a wealth Sheng Yi Saxo fixed income financial products, the annual rate of return of 11%, 500,000 yuan a year had 55,000 yuan income; some time ago to take advantage of the stock market is good, 20 weeks out of the red million investment, two months and earn a lot. Money to make money, make money easily than people, so learn to use the tools to make the wealth of value-added investment, is also critical.


Fourth, continue to learn, to enrich themselves.


Zhou think that they also need to continue to learn and continue to enrich themselves, in addition to work, individuals want to pursue a Ph.D., so that the level of their career to a higher level. 2015 In learning, Zhou has invested his own side in a number of budget-job Du Bo, she thought now is a small investment, the future will bring big returns.


2 years we save one million yuan, from the case of Master Zhou beauty, in addition to individual efforts with the outside, was kind enough to self-finance and investment awareness, learn to use the money to make money is inseparable. .html

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